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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Age of Sail Museum Announcement

Congratulations from Cumberland County Heritage Network Society on your funding!!!

The Age of Sail Museum is happy to announce they have received $15,000 from Communities, Culture and Heritage SDI grant program for interpretive design. These funds will go towards an interpretive design plan for the New wind and wave building which funding was announced for in November from ACOA and N.S. Tourism. The maritime company of Camus Productions has been chosen to do the design plan. The plan will be done in such a way as to make implementation possible over a period of time due to funding restraints. Funds from ACOA and NS Tourism towards interpretive were included in the November funding announcement. Local companies will be offered the chance to make quotes for the new signage and volunteer help will be used where possible in erecting the signs. The interpretive plan will include signage for the new building, kiosk and to refresh and renew signage in the main building to assist the flow from one section to the other. The board of the Age of Sail is very excited to see the progress being made on the new addition and am very grateful for the financial help from the various government entities. Thanks also go out to Paul Collins of CMAP and Bernie Murphy of CRDA for their invaluable assistance. The grand opening will be in the spring and we look forward to seeing everyone then.

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