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Friday, January 8, 2010

A Journey Through Time

"The Life and Times of Sand Hill"

The Cumberland County Museum & Archives is proud to present local artist Darlene Strong 's travelling Exhibit entitled "The Life and Times of Sand Hill".

During the 1800's a Black Community known as "Sand Hill" was nestled deep inside the Town of Amherst, Nova Scotia near the Bay of Fundy. Today many descendants of the residents of Sand Hill are able to trace their roots back to the arrival of the Loyalists to Nova Scotia.

"Sand Hill is an important part of Cumberland County's Heritage and never has it it been displayed more uniquely than through the art of this travelling exhibit" states Shirley Nickerson, Manager/Curator of the Cumberland County Museum and Archives. Ms. Strong has captured 250 years of African Nova Scotia history through her panerls."

These unique and beautifully designed panels not only depict the early arrival of Slaves/Servants; it also celebrates the grand strides in areas of social, economical, political, educational and spiritual advancements on Sand Hill.

"Understanding that art plays an integral part of portraying history in a snapshot; the exhibit anticipates engaging a multi age audience to walk through 250 years of living history and EXPERIENCE Sand Hill, which is still a part of our heritage." Darlene Strong , Local Artitst and Exhibit Designer.

The Life and Time of Sand Hill Exhibit will open on Thursday, January 28, and run until February 27th.

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