Cumberland County Heritage Network Society

Monday, May 17, 2010

Creamery Square Heritage Centre, Tatamagouche

Open 10am - 8pm. Monday to Saturday, 12pm to 5pm on Sunday.

July 10th/11th - Celebrating Scottish Roots - 10am ----------------------------------------------------
The Scottish Society of Colchester's "CELEBRATE YOUR SCOTTISH ROOTS" weekend - 10am to 1pm - Music and dancing outside the Farmers' Market; enjoy bagpipes, accordion, fiddle and highland dancing. At the Market there will be, along with the usual fare, such Scottish delicacies as scones, oatcakes, shortbread, and perhaps even haggis. At 1:00pm - James Finney will be doing a presentation of Jacobite Dress & Weaponry outside the Farmers' Market. James & his family have recently emigrated to Truro from Scotland where he was a maker of sporrans, a consultant who specialized in historic Scottish costume, and who did 'living history' presentations at Scottish castles and Highland Games.

2:00pm - At the Heritage Centre, Jackie MacConnell will do a Gaelic lesson for Beginners with a few phrases and perhaps even a Gaelic song.

3:00pm - At the Heritage Centre, Barry Shears of Halifax, piper, instructor, and author, will do a presentation on the history of bagpiping on the North Shore. His recently published book Dance To The Piper on the history of bagpiping in Nova Scotia will be on sale at the gift shop in the Heritage Centre.
In the Archives during the day there will be a special exhibit of interest to those seeking information on Scottish ancestors. Lectures in the Heritage Centre will be free. Those wishing to tour the Centre's exhibits (and we hope that many will) will be subject to the usual entry rates.

7:30 p.m. - In the evening we will continue the Scottish theme with a ceilidh at Patterson's Wharf. Bring along your instrument and your singing voice and join us.

Please contact Peggy Todd (657-2806) or for more info.

July 11th - Celtic Service on Sunday at Sharon Church - 11:00am ------------------------------------------------------------------
There will be a Celtic Service & Kirkin' o' the Tartans at Sharon United Church with other congregations taking part. Bring a swatch or an article of clothing in your clan tartan and present it at the front of the sanctuary to be blessed. Please contact Peggy Todd (657-2806) or during the week prior to July 11th if you wish to kirk your tartan so that we will have some idea how many presentors to expect.

Memberships in the Scottish Society of Colchester will be available at $5.00 per year, a true Scottish bargain, during the weekend. Please contact Peggy Todd (657-2806) or for more info.

July 24th - "Tatamagouche Tattoo" Weekend
The Tatamagouche Tattoo 2010 Performance is held at the North Shore Recreation Centre, Blair Ave. from 7-9pm.; Free Tattoo Cake at the Farmers' Market 10-11am (Creamery Square); Genealogy Hunt at the North Shore Archives 2-4pm. (Creamery Square). For more info contact Marilyn Roberts (657-3323), Toni MacDonald (657-0408), or Anne MacKeen (657-2214).

July 25th - Family Heritage Walk
Heritage Centre / Patterson's Wharf 9-10am; Ecumenical Church Service at Sharon United Church 11-12 noon; BBQ and Local Entertainment at the Community Field (Across from North Colchester High School) 2-4pm. For more info contact Toni MacDonald (657-0408), or Anne MacKeen (657-2214).

August 3rd - Musique Royale - 7:30pm
An evening of music and early instruments at Sharon Church.

August 14th - Maritime Day... of sea, ships and shanties. - 10am
A fun day for all ages, to do with the sea and ships. past and present. With visiting 'experts' from the museum of the Atlantic and their Model ship builders.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ottawa House Museum 2010 Schedule

Events are sometimes subject to change in date and time.
For up to date information, please call museum staff at 254-2376

Bridge Parties continue every Thursday
1st - Canada Day Celebrations and Food Auction-2pm
11th -Strawberry Shortcake Tea, 2pm to 5pm
18th - Springhill mine disaster speaker, Mary Willa Littler, 2pm
30th - Planter celebrations begin with meet and greet, speaker and refreshment, 7pm
31st - Planter supper with presentations

Bridge Parties continue every Thursday
1st - Planter Baptist Church Service, ?am
1st - Evening Planter Skit and Musical Concert, 7:30pm
7th - Dinner Theatre at the Parrsboro Legion Hall
11th - Lady Tupper Tea, 2pm
18th - Musique Royal, 7:30pm
22nd - Helen Simms - Minudie speaker 2pm
27th, 28th, and 29th - Blueberry Desserts with blueberry ice cream, served daily from 11am to 5pm
29th - Graham Harris - Captain Kidd presentation, 2pm

5th - Art Brown, Sail maker presentation, 2pm
11th - End of Season Dessert Tea
Closing of Museum for season?