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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ottawa House Museum 2010 Schedule

Events are sometimes subject to change in date and time.
For up to date information, please call museum staff at 254-2376

Bridge Parties continue every Thursday
1st - Canada Day Celebrations and Food Auction-2pm
11th -Strawberry Shortcake Tea, 2pm to 5pm
18th - Springhill mine disaster speaker, Mary Willa Littler, 2pm
30th - Planter celebrations begin with meet and greet, speaker and refreshment, 7pm
31st - Planter supper with presentations

Bridge Parties continue every Thursday
1st - Planter Baptist Church Service, ?am
1st - Evening Planter Skit and Musical Concert, 7:30pm
7th - Dinner Theatre at the Parrsboro Legion Hall
11th - Lady Tupper Tea, 2pm
18th - Musique Royal, 7:30pm
22nd - Helen Simms - Minudie speaker 2pm
27th, 28th, and 29th - Blueberry Desserts with blueberry ice cream, served daily from 11am to 5pm
29th - Graham Harris - Captain Kidd presentation, 2pm

5th - Art Brown, Sail maker presentation, 2pm
11th - End of Season Dessert Tea
Closing of Museum for season?

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