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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Creamery Square - Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

The Creamery Square in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia offers the following events: On the 14th of July there is "A woman's work is never done - a reminder of country living in 1912", there will be cow milking, butter patting, a hunt for eggs, and more.

For July 28th and 29th "Things Maritime" is scheduled. Help build the chaloupe, make some rope, try caulking, eat the hardtack (but knock out the weevils), drink the rum and lime water. Admire the ship modelsand find out what life was like on a sailing vessel in the Great Age of Sail.

On August the 11th and 12th come for our "Scottish Cultural and Heritage Weekend", a great opportunity to try Highland Dancing. Art and other displays, learn some Gaelic, taste Scottish food, and attend a painting workshop. On Sunday, the 12th, starting at 11am at the Sharon United Church attend "Kickin' the Tartans". In the afternoon witness "Living HIstory", how did the Highlands live - wear their tartans, use their weapons? in the evening come to Fables Club for readings from Scottish LIterature, the classic film "Whiskey Galore", whiskey Tasting, and live music.

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