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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Signing at the Cumberland County Museum and Archives

Situated on the Cumberland Basin, sits the community of Joggins, Nova Scotia. This small rural community which the First Nations people referred to as “Chegoggin” meaning “fish weir place” has recently gained world acclaim as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But like all great places Joggins has a past, a present and a future. Joggins present is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its future is yet to be determined. But its past will live on in the memories, photographs and stories of those families whose life make up Joggins rich and unique history.

What was once a bustling coal mining town with theaters, hotels, general stores, blacksmiths shops, pool hall, indoor ice rink and so much more has witnessed its town status deplete much like its coal.

Much has changed in Joggins since the mid1700 to1900’s. Today this quiet community resembles just another rural community in Nova Scotia; but to those who know its history there is a whole lot more to Joggins than meets the eye.
This is the reason behind recently published local author; Gary Vickery’s book entitled “The” Joggins It’s History and It’s People

“I want people to see Joggins as it once was; its history” states author, Gary Vickery “The town I grew up in; the town I called home.”

Although born in Springhill; Gary moved to Joggins with his family at a young age and like a great number of Maritimers before him left to seek employment in Ontario. Gary returned to his home province with his wife Doris in 1978 and worked for 28 years as a councilor at the School for the Deaf in Amherst.

Through the pages of “The” Joggins; Gary takes his readers on a journey back in time to town where life was busy and growing up was fun. You will visit the many businesses, ride the railway and relive the “Fire of 28” all the things that made Joggins so unique. Gary’s style of writing and numerous pages of old photographs depict the history of this once busy coaling mining town and is a must read for Nova Scotians and history buffs alike.
“The” Joggins It’s History and It’s People” Book Signing Reception will take place on Saturday, September 19, 2009, time 2-4pm. at the Cumberland County Museum and Archives, 150 Church Street, Amherst, N.S.

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