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Friday, September 4, 2009

New Book on Amos "King" Seaman

Lord of the Land: The Reign of Amos "King" Seaman by Jamie Heap.
The life and times of Maritime entrepreneur Amos King Seaman (1788-1864) and Minudie`s history (1686-1886) sheds new light on the new rural history`s focus on tenant and/or labourer alienation, under-employment and exploitation during late 18th and 19th centuries. Amos Seaman, the Grindstone King, was a successful entrepreneurial pluralist who farmed, lumbered, built ships, sold goods at his store, and participated in the lucrative import-export trade with Britain, the West Indies and the United States. In addition to his construction of ships, Seaman also built wharves as well as the province`s first steam-powered mill to support his diverse and integrated industries. Seamans personal wealth was exemplified by Grindstone Castle where he and his family lived. In addition to this opulent mansion, Seaman`s wealth also enabled him to maintain a second home,a town house in Boston, MA. He also built two churches and a one-room school house. Grindstones, which served a variety of domestic and commercial uses were the main commodities that Minudie`s King exported to Britain, the West Indies and the United States. A series of events unfolded that ended Seaman's reign over Minudie, NS. For more information, please visit:
Mr. Heap's book is now being sold at the Cumberland County Museum and Archives and River Hebert Heritage Models/Museum.

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