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Friday, June 19, 2009

Frances Legere: an example of our living heritage

Can you picture yourself living to age 106? Well Mrs. Frances Legere, formally of River Hebert, now living in Amherst, can after reaching this tremendous milestone this past week. Anyone who has come to know this dear lady can honestly say that she is one of a kind. Her kindness, keen mind and purity of heart have endeared her to everyone who has every known her. So much so that two celebrations were held in her honour to accommodate all the well wishers.

Happy birthday Frances from everyone at the Cumberland County Heritage Network!

Pictured with Frances is Glenda Janes, community representative for River Hebert and Joggins, who on the behalf of Nova Scotia MLA Murray Scott presented Mrs. Legere with a small token of reconnection from the Province.

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  1. Frances Legere passed away today. Sunday February, 5th 2012. At the age of 108 years.


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