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Monday, June 29, 2009

Schedule of 2009 Curatorial Walks at the Fundy Geological Museum

Each summer the Fundy Geological Museum sponsors a series of Curatorial Walks. While the primary focus of the walks is geological they are also intended to help visitors and residents discover the area's rich natural and natural heritage.

2009 Schedule:

  • June 13 Wasson Bluff Special Place
  • July 3 Clark Head
  • July 4 Five Islands Provincial Park
  • July 10 Red Rocks-McGahey Brook
  • July 11 Wards Falls
  • July 17 Ram’s Head-West Bay
  • July 18 Wards Beach-Brookville Rock
  • July 24 Clark Head
  • July 25 Partridge Island-East Bay
  • July 31 Spicers Cove, CCPP
  • August 1 Five Islands Provincial Park
  • August 7 Wasson Bluff Special Place
  • August 8 Red Rocks-McGahey Brook
  • August 21 Economy Falls, Thomas Cove
  • August 22 Partridge Island-East Bay
  • August 28 Ram’s Head-West Bay
  • August 29 Spicers Cove

For more information go to:

or download the Fundy Geological Newsletter at:

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