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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great Summer Events at the Wallace and Area Museum

  • Sunday July 5th, One of the best programs the Wallace and Museum presents: Francis Grant Day. A presentation of poems and stories written by the late author and historian Francis Grant. Mr. Grant's poems cover a wide variety of subjects but mostly the sea, Local people gather to read and hear his poetry. Everyone welcome!
  • Saturday July 11th, Teenage Survivor: A fun competition for young people between 13 and 18. Two person teams face four easy events. Ten dollars entry, receive a teeshirt and a hot dog. $100 first prize.
  • Saturday July 18th, Childrens Day: Please call a head to register.
  • Sunday July 19th, Railway Day: A day to celebrate the Railway and former Railway Telegraphers, Learn about Morse Code and participate in demonstrations.Meet and hear the stories of these men and women.
  • Thursday July 30th, "The Buildings Of Wallace" (part two) from the steps of the
    Community Centre.
  • And please remember that free Tea in the Garden is held every Wednesday afternoon, July and August.

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