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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Launch of the CCHN Website!

We are pleased to announce that the Cumberland County Heritage Network Website has now been completed and was launched on June 1o, 2009.
The site contains very simple and user-friendly interfaces so that the visitor can find the information require without a lot of flash and clutter that is seen with a great many websites out there today.

When opening the CCHN site, you will first find our “Home Page” that details the CCHN Mission Statement and message. On the left is a simple link interface that will bring the visitor to any of six other pages which include: Our Membership Page, Our Blog Page, Member Locations Page, Photo Gallery Page, Heritage Links Page, and the Contact Us Page. The “Our Membership Page” contains both the contact information of each member site and a brief description of each site that will be use in the forthcoming Passport currently in development. The “Our Blog Page” is a link to the CCHN Blog. The “Member Location Page” contains a downloadable map of the county indicating the locations and driving directions to each member’s site as well as other area attractions. Photo Gallery Page is what the name suggests, images of each member site which is part of an image database from which all members can add or draw upon for promotion. The “Heritage Links Page” is a list of other heritage and tourism sites on the web that would be of interest for visitors to the area. Finally, the “Contact Us Page” provides the visitor with all the information they would need to learn more about the CCHN and its members.

Please book mark our website by going to:

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