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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Cumberland County Heritage Network Blog

The Cumberland County Heritage Network (CCHN) is an organization designed to assist in the promotion and development of heritage sites throughout Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada. This will be done though consultation and mutual support of our partners, assuring that all will share in benefits that will come with increased visitation to our beautiful county.

The mission of the CCHN is to assist member organizations in achieving their goals and responsibilities through networking, education and working together collectively to promote Cumberland County Heritage. We shall do this by concentrating on the following objectives:

  • Provide members with a common meeting ground for discussion of issues

  • Promote common interests

  • Promote the sharing of resources between member organizations

  • Promote accepted standards, procedures and practices among member organizations

  • Liaison with and support the efforts of all tourism organizations within the county

  • And to maintain linkages with other related organizations throughout the county, province and country.

With the aid of the Cumberland County Heritage Network, we will give you a vision of the past; insight into the lives of the men and woman who have shaped our heritage, culture and the nation which they helped built. From the four Fathers of Confederation who called our county home; to wives and children of the men who mined the coal that fuelled the industrial revolution; to the men that built the ships of Empire; and even further back to prehistoric past where the first life forms walked the Earth and gave rise to the first dinosaurs; here you will find it all, here in Cumberland County.

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