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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Town of Amherst Community Fair

Town of Amherst Community Fair for Service Clubs/Organizations and Groups

Community and Economic Development is please to announce that a second Community Fair will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2009; at the Amherst Stadium. Form the responds to last years Fair and the interest shown by the general public our aim is to build on that success.

The purpose of a Community Fair is to bring together community clubs and organizations within Amherst. So the general public can learn about various groups; their mandates and how they are working to improve the quality of life in Amherst.

With your support and participation this event will be an informative and interactive experience. Residents will gain an insight into your club/group/organization by viewing your displays and speaking with a representative from your club/group.

This event will provide service clubs and organizations the opportunity to;
  • Increase groups’ community profile
  • Facilitate networking among community groups
  • Socialize and exchange views
  • Recruitment of potential new members
  • Showcase community work/projects
  • Fund raise (raffle tickets/special draws, etc.)
To learn more about the Community Fair and how your group can participate, contact Community and Economic Development at:

Phone: 902.667.6506

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