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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Town of Parrsboro Tourism Initiatives

The town of Parrsboro currently have a number of initiatives aimed at the tourism market that will place them squarely as the third major component of a fundy tourism “Triangle” that will also includes the River Hebert/Joggins/Minudie area and the Cape Chignecto/Advocate/Port Greville corridor.

In past years, Parrsboro have developed programs that include a tree donor program, signage program and has been a participant in the several TV commercials and tourism ads for the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism Culture and Heritage. This year, the town will see new street banners with the “Parrsboro Rocks” logo emblazoned on them, the installation of a webcam at First Beach and a new website. Updating town signage is also being considered.

Parrsboro has also hired Mary McPhee as a community development coordinator to work on ways to improve Main Street as well as including Parrsboro in the National Communities in Bloom Project.

For more information see: “Local tourism initiatives ramped up” The Citizen (story by Andrew Wagstaff) or the Town of Parrsboro website:

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